Preventive Maintenance

The Preventive Maintenance is consist of examination of the elevator

  • Furnish lubricant compounded to Unique Stringent Specification.
  • Examination periodically all safety devices and governors and make all customary safety test.
  • Periodically examine and adjustment of the all components
  • Round the Clock service on all working day as well as holidays.

Comprehensive Maintenance

In addition of above in comprehensive Maintenance the Unique will provide the following services.

  • Allow us to ensure safe and smooth operation with less expenses
  • Replacement of all materials likes: Condensers, Power Amplifiers, transformers, Contact, Leads, Dash Pots, Timing devices, Steel Selector Tapes and Mechanical and Electrical driving equipment Governor Sheaves, Shaft Assembly, Bearing, Contracts and Governor Jaws, Car and hall Mechanical buttons, Car and Hall Position Indicators, and all other Car and Landing Signal Fixtures, as installed by supplier. Deflector or Secondary Sheaves, Bearing Car and Counterweight Guide rails and buffers, Top and Bottom Limit Switches, Governor Tension Sheaves Assembly, Car Counterweight guide Shoes including Rollers or Gibs.